INX ACADEMY learn English in the USA.

INX Academy is the best place to learn how to speak English confidently. Our experienced teachers and interactive learning environment give our students the confidence they need to communicate effectively and fluently.

We offer high quality English language classes for all ages, levels, and needs. Come experience the best English language learning experience in the USA!

There are many reasons to study English at INX Academy

Qualified Teachers

Our experienced teachers are dedicated to helping you progress quickly, and our innovative curriculum ensures you get the most out of every English class.

Great Location

INX Academy English Classes offers a great learning environment in the USA.

Vacation Policy

Discover our Vacation Policy and how it can help you take a break while still advancing your English language skills.

Dynamic classes

INX Academy English Classes are designed to help students improve their English language skills in a dynamic, interactive learning environment.

Your world will never be the same

Explore USA

INX Academy offers English classes to help students explore the language and culture of the USA. Our courses are designed to build conversational skills and gain confidence in speaking English. Join us and discover the beauty of this country!