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Business English for Entrepreneurs

Business English for Entrepreneurs (BEE) program is a program that focuses on intensive language training plus Business English and startup development.

18 Hours per Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

8:30am to 2:30pm

United States

What is the Business English for Entrepreneurs?

This course is designed to give non-native English speakers the English skills they need to start a business in today’s global marketplace.

This program uses authentic materials and teaches basic entrepreneurship concepts and skills such as opportunity recognition, marketing and sales, starting a business, planning and strategy, business operation, and financial management.

Students will improve English listening, speaking, reading, writing skills and learn appropriate grammar and vocabulary in business startup setting. Classes meet for 18 hours per week.

The BEE curriculum is project based. Students will work in small groups to develop an idea, conduct market research, and create and implement a business plan.

In addition to building professional English skills, students will take guided field trips and learn about the history and culture of San Diego, visit famous universities and technology companies, and network with professionals from around the world.

Admission Requirements​

Minimum age: 16.

Current students who have completed and successfully passed the High-intermediate level. New students who have completed the placement tests and met the placement test score requirement for the Advanced level.

Regular Price

US$ 500 per session*

*Each session consists of 4 weeks of classes.

Special Price


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Admission Information*

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Our teachers have years of experience teaching English as a second language, domestically and internationally.

You will find great trendy coffee shops, restaurants and parks just outside our door. Just 10 minutes from INX Academy HQ.

Our freshly remodeled classrooms are equipped with flat screen TV’s and free Wifi. All the classrooms are equipped with chromecast and Virtual assistant – Alexa.