January 2023
Makeda “Dread” founder on the Worldbeat Center San Diego. She is an important activist and talked about the work she does in the community, and talked about how humanity is more important than racial divisions.

February 2023
Kyle McNatt who works at UPAC (Union of Asian Community) which is a nonprofit company that has a really important role in our community supporting people facing many different issues in life.

May 2023
Kevin Robinson from SDBC  San Diego is a great place for biking enthusiasts, with its beautiful weather and scenic routes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s always something new to discover in the bike world here. From the famous Mission Bay Bike Path to the challenging trails of Cowles Mountain, there’s a ride for every level of cyclist.

June 2023
Bob Leyh In honor of Pride Month 🌈, INX Academy San Diego is proud to welcome Bob Leyh, Program Manager of the Pride Festival to our campus. 

July 2023
Robert Lexi Exciting day at INX academy! We had a special guest speaker for Comic Con: the manager of Comic n Stuff store in Chula Vista!

August 2023
Stefan Calvaruso The owner and founder of Foodelicious Tours and former teacher here at INX Academy

September 2023
Terrance Mosley The owner of The SDN Brand (San Diego Native) and currently the brand is in 33 Foot Locker Locations throughout the USA.  

October 2023
Remy Zurita
owner and founder of Hopnonymous Brewing Company
Hopnonymous began as a specialty beer distributor, contract brewing food friendly beer styles at local breweries, and eventually building a 17-client roster including Crazee Burger, West Coast Tavern, and the many locations of Buona Forchetta. Hopnonymous Brewing.