We are Xers who care and understand that volunteer work offers an opportunity for our student, staff, faculty, alumni and communities to engage in activities that affect the common good of society. Through our community work, we gain valuable skills, understanding, and enhance the communities that we reside within.

The Social Responsibility Committee is a diverse group of individuals throughout INX Academies that collaborate with neighboring community representatives and organizations. SRC exists to advance positive relations and to maintain consistent communication between the INX Academies and its communities. As a part of giving back, INX Academy is offering scholarships to designated non-profit partners and their communities in need. 

Be the change in the world you’d like to see, be a X’er that Cares!

For more information and questions, contact: [email protected].


Pink Hangers

In October INX Academy created Pink Hangers,  a Clothing Donation and Fashion Show supporting Breast Cancer.  INX Academy also gives 100% all revenue earned to Susan G. Komen Foundation.

– INX Academy and the US Marines work to wrap and distribute toys for children throughout San Diego Country. Our students and Marines work side by side and is one of the best experiences for everyone. 

Bike to Work Day
– Every year INX Academy host a Bike to Work Day pitstop. We do this to encourage people the possibilities of using bicycles as a source of daily commuting. 

Habitat For Humanity
– HFH and INX Volunteer Program allows INX Students and other Volunteers throughout the community to work together to help create housing solutions for less fortunate people. 

San Diego Pride
– For more than 5 years INX Academy has been supporting San Diego Pride through volunteering, setting up festivals, and marching in the parade. We do this to show our commitment to diversity and equality for all. 

San Diego Airport Ambassadors
– Both INX Academy Students and the San Diego Airport group of volunteers have formed Airport Ambassadors for students to use English in real life for travelers that need help. 

Jewish Family Services
– JFS and INX have created a relocation program for refugees. INX staff and students help with language and other adjustments families will need when arriving in the USA. 

Earth Day at World Beat Center
– Every year INX Academy and San Diego World Beat Center has been work hand in hand to make San Diego Earth Day. We do this through finding sponsors, musicians, and vendors. INX Academy also manages all the volunteer support for this 2 day event.

Employee Charitable Contributions on Your Behalf

To honor faculty and staff members who give their time and service to causes near and dear to their hearts, INX Academy will award donations to eligible charitable organizations, made in the name of the employee, up to $1,000 per employee for each calendar year.

Donation | $500, up to $1,000

Employee Charitable Contributions Information

INX Academy provides “Employee Charitable Contributions” to employees who demonstrate ongoing volunteer work/ and or leadership with an eligible 501(c)(3) organization in a calendar year. The non-profit you submit could receive up to $1,000 per year.

Employee Charitable Contributions Submission Process:

  1. Demonstrate ongoing engagement of volunteering/leadership with a single 501(c)(3) organization.

     2. Employee charitable contributions are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, while funding lasts.       
     3. Please allow for 5 business days for response or approval, checks made to the organization can take an additional 2-3 weeks to process.

*The request must be directed to an eligible organization that the employee has volunteered with, demonstrating an ongoing engagement with the organization is required; if none of the organizations with which the volunteer participated are eligible, then the volunteer may choose another qualified organization.